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Hobby Vacuum Forming Machine

Hobby Vacuum Forming Machine

Model: 007


Perfect for the serious hobbyist or small business. This homebuilt machine is based on the popular “Hobby-Vac Pro Series” production machines (now discontinued). It features the same oven design and 2 stage vacuum system that made those machines collectable when production stopped. This plans built version was re-designed to be an easy 2 or 3 weekend project using ordinary parts and a wood housing. The built in 12 x 18 inch oven, is the largest size you can run on a 120 volt 15 amp house circuit. The plans will give you several choices for single and two stage vacuum systems. You can use many plastics, and form over simple molds made from wood, plaster, epoxy or other materials.

  • Unit measures : 28 "  high  x 25 "  long x 16 "  wide

  • Plastic sheet size : 15 1/4 "  x  20 1/4 "

  • Forming area : 12 " x 17 "

  • Weight : 48 lbs

  • Heater : 1500 Watts

  • Voltage : 110-120  ( Also available in 210 - 240 volts single phase )

  • Max. depth of draw 7 inches depending on mold Geometry

  • Vacuum Ports : 1 1/2 " and  and 3/8 "

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